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3/15/2022 1:03:16PM

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10/26/2021 9:51:34PM

Tips for Review (1)

Never write a review elsewhere and then copy and paste it into the product review page. Be sure to type the review word for word in the product review description.
Product review can be done 5 days after receiving the goods, not after purchasing the goods. No matter how long the delivery time is, you have to wait at least 5 days from the time of delivery of the goods and then review the goods. Our recommendation is of course 7 days after receiving the goods.
In the review, instead of focusing on the product, express your personal experience of the product. Remember, you are the consumer of the product, not the marketer. So don't just say goodbye to that product, unless the product is really great. It is better to describe what you like about the product and what you do not like. If the product you received was of poor quality or you did not like it, you can return the product to Amazon and do not review.
In addition to rating the product, for some products it is possible to star some of the specific features of the product. Stars related to special features can be less than 5 stars, but in general, they must be appropriate for the review and rating.
Check your reviews for spelling, composition and writing before submitting. You can use the Grammarly website to do this. For example, if you want to emphasize the cheapness of the product, use the phrase inexpensive instead of cheap.
It's a good idea to include photos and videos for some (but not all) of your reviews. If a lot of your reviews are done with photos, try not to take photos in a fixed place and choose different backgrounds for the photos.
Instead of taking a screenshot of the review confirmation email, try going to the review page and taking a screenshot of it, because usually the entire text of your review is not clear in the email and it is not clear in the email that you uploaded photos and videos to your review. . Certainly friends who alternately post photos and videos for their reviews will be a priority for us in allocating goods.
Try not to do more than 3 reviews per week on average with one account. Of course, do not have any special patterns in reviewing. For example, do 2 reviews a week, and 4 reviews a week. Also, do not review all items exactly after 5 days, or do not do exactly the day between your reviews.
It is best to do 2 or 3 reviews a day and then have no reviews for a week. Do this without having a special pattern.
Try not to make the text of your reviews look the same. Never copy part of someone else's review for yourself. Please write the review yourself from the beginning.
Review some of your regular purchases from Amazon (not all). Always have a few unpacked purchases at different intervals. Of course, apart from the fact that you do not have to review all your purchases, not all of your reviews should be 5 stars. So try to have reviews with lower stars. If you make regular purchases that you are not satisfied with, be sure to review them with 1, 2 or 3 stars so that the balance of your Amazon profile is not damaged. You can also purchase discounted or sometimes free products on the CodeCoupons @CodesCoupons channel to maintain a balance of reviewed and unused products. Some products are offered on the Reviewers channel with a 4-star review, rating or feedback. Many of these items may not be your priority, but if you do not make a lot of regular purchases from Amazon yourself, be sure to buy these items.

10/26/2021 9:50:24PM

Steps to do a review

You can review the product at least 5 days after you receive it.
Amazon usually sends you an email a few days after the delivery of the goods and asks you to review the purchased goods. Amazon has two types of emails to ask for your opinion, one of which it usually sends to you (although in some cases it sends both). The first type of email with the title Did your recent Amazon order meet your expectations? Review it on Amazon emphasizes product reviews. At the top of the email is 5 stars, which by clicking on it, you will go to the review page of the desired product. There are 5 more stars at the bottom of the email that will take you to the seller feedback page. The second type of email with the title will you rate your transaction at Amazon. com emphasizes feedback. At the top of the email is 5 stars, which by clicking on it, you will go to the feedback page of the desired store (seller). And at the bottom of the email, by clicking on the phrase Rate your product, you will be redirected to the review page of the desired product.
If you do not receive an email from Amazon to review the product, go to your shopping list (Returns & Orders on the website or your orders in the app) and click on Write a product review in front of the product. Also, go to Returns & Orders for feedback on the website (this is not possible in the app shopping list) and click on Leave seller feedback in front of the desired product.
The first step is to review the rating. At the top of the product review page, first give the product 5 stars. You can only give 4 stars for some goods if it is announced in the channel and explicitly approved by the seller before buying the goods. Of course, if you think the product is not worth 5 stars, you can return it to Amazon and do not review. Immediately after starring and without hitting the submit button, a green submitted phrase appears in front of the stars. If you are only asked for a rating, take a screenshot of the same page without writing any text and close the review page. The given stars are saved automatically. Otherwise, continue to review according to the following steps.
Choose a title for your review and then write the review text in the box below. Submit it after writing the review.
Normally 2 days after submitting a review, Amazon will notify you by email that your review has been approved or so-called live. In this email, click on See your full review to go to your review page and take a screenshot of it. Also, according to the points mentioned about Amazon profile, you can refer to your profile and scroll there to get the desired review, then click on See your full review to go to the review page and take a screenshot of this page. get.
If you have been asked for feedback, go to the desired store feedback according to the above. On this page, first click on the 5 stars, then select Yes in the Item as described by the seller answer, and write your experience from the goods store in the bottom box. This experience can be summed up in one or two sentences and does not need to be as long as a product review. In this section you can write about shipping speed, product packaging, as well as general experience of product quality and specifications.
Once submitted, the feedback will be released immediately on Amazon and, like the review, does not require Amazon approval. Click on the name of the store after Sold by to see the feedback done in the list of completed purchases (Returns & Orders). If you are using the app, enter the product page from the shopping list and click on the Add to Cart button under the name of the store after Sold by, to go to the main page of the desired store. Your feedback is visible on this page. Take a screenshot of this page. You can also write your feedback by clicking on the Leave seller feedback at the bottom of the store homepage.
Send a screenshot to the seller. Usually one to three business days after sending the screenshot, the cost of the goods will be returned to your People account.

10/26/2021 9:48:43PM

Purchasing notes (2)

If you plan to buy several products from us in one day or you have your regular purchases on the same day, it is better to add all the goods to your shopping cart and pay together. Please check with the seller before paying because some items must be purchased separately.
If you have a discount coupon (in the form of a check below the price of the product), ask the seller before the coupon whether the coupon should be applied or not. For some goods, the coupon is mandatory and for some it should not be applied. Note that if you apply the coupon, you can not easily remove the coupon from your purchase and you may miss the opportunity to purchase and review the product.
Before buying a product, make sure that you or someone who shares a postal address with you has not reviewed the product you want. If your roommate or spouse, for example, has reviewed a headphone, you can never review the same headphone.
Before buying the product, check the name of the store (Sold by). If you have reviewed one of the products in this store during the past month, it is better to postpone your purchase from this store to one month after your previous purchase.
Do not click This order contains a gift option at all, because your review may not appear as "Verified Purchase" and there will be a problem in refunding the amount of goods to your account.
Try to take a screenshot of the purchase using the Amazon app because all the information required by the seller, including the order number, time and amount of payment, and the time of receipt of the goods can be seen in it and does not include additional information. Never send your name and address to the seller, which may be visible in the screenshot of the website. In this case, delete your personal information from the screenshot with paint software.
For PayPal, never send a screenshot of your account. Just typing the email attached to PayPal is enough for the seller. Do not provide any contact information including telephone, mobile and address to the seller
If you buy a lot of items from us, it is better to prepare an Excel file for yourself and enter the seller's name, store name, product description, purchase time, receipt time, review time, refund conditions and similar information to keep an item out of your sight.

10/26/2021 9:47:18PM

Purchasing notes (1)

There is no limit to the number of purchases per day or week, but you can not do more than 3 reviews per week, so adjust the number of your purchases according to the number of reviews that can be done.
If you did not have any reviews before or only one or two recent reviews of our channel, also if you do not have regular purchases from Amazon or the number is very small, try not to buy more than one product per week in the first month and gradually Increase the number of goods to 3 per week.
You can only negotiate with the nominated seller about the product negotiated with the admin. Vendors are required to report violations, and violators will be removed from the channel immediately.
If you receive a Request ID, please make your purchase within 24 hours after the initial call, because the sale of each product is limited in number each day, and by booking and not buying a product, you deprive your other friends of buying that product. And it also prevents us from reaching our daily sales ceiling. Certainly friends who do not cooperate with us in this field will be the last priority in popular goods. Of course, you are exempt from the 24-hour rule if the seller tells you to make your purchase on a specific day.
You need to look for the product like a regular customer. If Amazon notices that you went directly to a product page and purchased the product, it may not accept your review for that product. So following these tips can increase the security of your Amazon profile:
Never open the page of the desired product with the link. Even if the seller sends you a link, do not click on it and ask him to send you a keyword. As far as possible, do not send any link to anyone, whether it is a profile link, a review link or a product link. Get the product confirmation from the seller with a screenshot and never send the product link to the seller.
Never use the product description in the channel to search, because Amazon will know that you only intend to buy this particular product. Use only the provided keyword to search.
If the seller tells you the brand name of the product or store name (Sold by), never use these words to search, unless the brand name or store name is provided in the keyword.
Never copy and paste the provided keyword into the Amazon search box. Please type the keyword verbatim.
Once you find the product in the Amazon search list, do not immediately open the product page. First, open the page of several similar products and then go to the desired product.
For more certainty, you can search for similar keywords and open the page of several other products. Again, for added security, you can add several similar items to your shopping cart and remove these similar items from your cart before paying.
When you get to the product page, do not quickly add it to your shopping cart. Read the description and specifications of the product and if you do not have the patience to do so, keep the page open to be considered as your reading time. Be sure to go to the product reviews section and keep the page open for a few minutes. You may have misinterpreted the product description in the channel and confused the product offered with another product. If you read the description and specifications of the product on Amazon, you will not order the product that you do not need.
Do not make the payment immediately. Allow at least 10 to 20 minutes to add the item to the cart, then pay for the item.

10/26/2021 9:45:31PM

Purchasing steps

You can select the goods you need from within the channel. Please pay attention to the prerequisites of each product and choose only the products that have all the conditions.
After selecting the product, send a photo or description of the product to the channel admin and receive the Request ID and username of the seller.
By submitting the request code to the seller, you may be asked to take a screenshot of your Amazon profile. In this case, according to the tips said about the profile, provide a screenshot to the seller.
If approved, the seller will provide you with keywords related to that product and in some cases a photo or additional information about that product.
Search for the product using keywords and considering the price, photos and additional information.
After finding the product on the Amazon website, take a screenshot of the product page and send it to the seller for approval.
Once approved by the seller, buy the product as a regular purchase with your own credit card.
After purchasing, click on Review or edit your order or View or edit your order on the purchase confirmation page. Take a screenshot of the page and send it to the seller.
Send your People Email to the seller and wait for the goods to arrive.

10/26/2021 9:44:28PM

General tips

General tips on shopping using the Reviewers channel:
1- There is no legal problem in testing products and receiving them for free.
2. Amazon has a plan called vine that selects a large number of reviewers and sends the goods to them for free to test. In return, it takes a lot of money from producers.
3. Because Amazon can't afford the vine design revenue and assumes it can't trust everyone to express their opinions honestly, users are barred from contacting manufacturers directly to test products.
4. If Amazon finds out that someone has tested a product outside of the vine design, it will only remove the review of that product or similar products from that person's profile and have no effect on the other person's capabilities and access to their account.
5- If you receive a product that is of low quality, we in the Reviewers collection ask you not to review that product and return it to Amazon. There will be no moral problem like this either. (Of course, if the problem is not the overall quality of the product, it is always possible to replicate the product so that in the end you only review the quality product.)
6- Giving 5 stars does not mean that you only write the positive points of the product. A good review includes both pros and cons.
7. Some manufacturers do not need reviews at all and only offer them for free to increase the sales of their products.

10/26/2021 9:42:29PM

How it work

A collection of review channels helps you buy your favorite product more easily and also helps product manufacturers know your valuable feedback on their new products. If you follow all the following steps correctly, all the money for the purchased goods will be returned to your account and the goods will expire for you.

What do you need:
1- Amazon account
2- PayPal account
3. And of course live in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, or major European countries

What are the steps:
1. You select the product you want from the reviews channel of your country and inform the @ReviewerAdmin admin. 📑
2- After coordinating with the admin, you will buy the desired product from the Amazon website. 📦
3- Five to ten days after you receive the product, you will share your opinion about the product on Amazon. 🌟
4- After the Amazon website publishes your opinion, the payment amount will be returned to your PayPal account. 💵

Just as easily 🍻🎉🎊

This does not pose any risk to you:
If you do not like the product or if you encounter any problems at any stage, you can return it to Amazon within 30 days after receiving the product and get your money back. You usually get your money back from the seller 2 weeks after buying the goods so there is no risk left for you.
You can not return the goods to Amazon after receiving the money from the seller and receive the money from Amazon. Violated accounts are blacklisted and will never be able to receive any other goods. ⛔️

10/26/2021 9:11:22PM

How to view and share Amazon profiles



In the amazon website, move the mouse to the top right of the page on Account & Lists and select Your Account from the menu. Then select the third option Your Amazon profile

from the Ordering and shopping preferences section.

In the application, select the fifth option Your Account from the menu. Then select the first Profile option from the Personalized content section. If this is your first time logging in to your profile, Amazon will ask you to enter your public name. You can choose any name for yourself and your public profile name does not have to be the same as your real name or your Amazon account name. You can change your public name and other profile at any time by logging in to your profile and selecting Edit your profile.

You can take a screenshot of this page and send it to the seller. Some sellers may ask you for a profile link for some products. To post a profile link on the website, go to your profile and copy the URL in your browser. A profile address in the browser is as follows: View Profile

You can send the same link to the seller, but it is better to delete the question mark and everything after the question mark and send the remaining address to the seller. The above address is optimized as follows:

As a general rule, any link on Amazon, such as products, profiles, reviews, etc., if you want to Share thighs (even with your friends), delete everything after the question mark in the link. Because this part of the link contains your user information and Amazon can understand that you have provided this link to others.

Avoid sharing any Amazon links with others or even sellers as much as possible. Try to visit your Amazon profile only when necessary. Amazon will notify you of the live review via email, so you do not need to check your profile several times a day.
Remember to behave like a normal user. You never checked your Amazon profile before you started reviewing with our channel! If you were asked to take a screenshot of your previous reviews, you can find previous reviews at the bottom of your Amazon profile.


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