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10/26/2021 9:47:18PM

There is no limit to the number of purchases per day or week, but you can not do more than 3 reviews per week, so adjust the number of your purchases according to the number of reviews that can be done.
If you did not have any reviews before or only one or two recent reviews of our channel, also if you do not have regular purchases from Amazon or the number is very small, try not to buy more than one product per week in the first month and gradually Increase the number of goods to 3 per week.
You can only negotiate with the nominated seller about the product negotiated with the admin. Vendors are required to report violations, and violators will be removed from the channel immediately.
If you receive a Request ID, please make your purchase within 24 hours after the initial call, because the sale of each product is limited in number each day, and by booking and not buying a product, you deprive your other friends of buying that product. And it also prevents us from reaching our daily sales ceiling. Certainly friends who do not cooperate with us in this field will be the last priority in popular goods. Of course, you are exempt from the 24-hour rule if the seller tells you to make your purchase on a specific day.
You need to look for the product like a regular customer. If Amazon notices that you went directly to a product page and purchased the product, it may not accept your review for that product. So following these tips can increase the security of your Amazon profile:
Never open the page of the desired product with the link. Even if the seller sends you a link, do not click on it and ask him to send you a keyword. As far as possible, do not send any link to anyone, whether it is a profile link, a review link or a product link. Get the product confirmation from the seller with a screenshot and never send the product link to the seller.
Never use the product description in the channel to search, because Amazon will know that you only intend to buy this particular product. Use only the provided keyword to search.
If the seller tells you the brand name of the product or store name (Sold by), never use these words to search, unless the brand name or store name is provided in the keyword.
Never copy and paste the provided keyword into the Amazon search box. Please type the keyword verbatim.
Once you find the product in the Amazon search list, do not immediately open the product page. First, open the page of several similar products and then go to the desired product.
For more certainty, you can search for similar keywords and open the page of several other products. Again, for added security, you can add several similar items to your shopping cart and remove these similar items from your cart before paying.
When you get to the product page, do not quickly add it to your shopping cart. Read the description and specifications of the product and if you do not have the patience to do so, keep the page open to be considered as your reading time. Be sure to go to the product reviews section and keep the page open for a few minutes. You may have misinterpreted the product description in the channel and confused the product offered with another product. If you read the description and specifications of the product on Amazon, you will not order the product that you do not need.
Do not make the payment immediately. Allow at least 10 to 20 minutes to add the item to the cart, then pay for the item.

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