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10/26/2021 9:44:28PM

General tips

General tips on shopping using the Reviewers channel:
1- There is no legal problem in testing products and receiving them for free.
2. Amazon has a plan called vine that selects a large number of reviewers and sends the goods to them for free to test. In return, it takes a lot of money from producers.
3. Because Amazon can't afford the vine design revenue and assumes it can't trust everyone to express their opinions honestly, users are barred from contacting manufacturers directly to test products.
4. If Amazon finds out that someone has tested a product outside of the vine design, it will only remove the review of that product or similar products from that person's profile and have no effect on the other person's capabilities and access to their account.
5- If you receive a product that is of low quality, we in the Reviewers collection ask you not to review that product and return it to Amazon. There will be no moral problem like this either. (Of course, if the problem is not the overall quality of the product, it is always possible to replicate the product so that in the end you only review the quality product.)
6- Giving 5 stars does not mean that you only write the positive points of the product. A good review includes both pros and cons.
7. Some manufacturers do not need reviews at all and only offer them for free to increase the sales of their products.

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