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10/26/2021 9:51:34PM

Tips for Review (1)

Never write a review elsewhere and then copy and paste it into the product review page. Be sure to type the review word for word in the product review description.
Product review can be done 5 days after receiving the goods, not after purchasing the goods. No matter how long the delivery time is, you have to wait at least 5 days from the time of delivery of the goods and then review the goods. Our recommendation is of course 7 days after receiving the goods.
In the review, instead of focusing on the product, express your personal experience of the product. Remember, you are the consumer of the product, not the marketer. So don't just say goodbye to that product, unless the product is really great. It is better to describe what you like about the product and what you do not like. If the product you received was of poor quality or you did not like it, you can return the product to Amazon and do not review.
In addition to rating the product, for some products it is possible to star some of the specific features of the product. Stars related to special features can be less than 5 stars, but in general, they must be appropriate for the review and rating.
Check your reviews for spelling, composition and writing before submitting. You can use the Grammarly website to do this. For example, if you want to emphasize the cheapness of the product, use the phrase inexpensive instead of cheap.
It's a good idea to include photos and videos for some (but not all) of your reviews. If a lot of your reviews are done with photos, try not to take photos in a fixed place and choose different backgrounds for the photos.
Instead of taking a screenshot of the review confirmation email, try going to the review page and taking a screenshot of it, because usually the entire text of your review is not clear in the email and it is not clear in the email that you uploaded photos and videos to your review. . Certainly friends who alternately post photos and videos for their reviews will be a priority for us in allocating goods.
Try not to do more than 3 reviews per week on average with one account. Of course, do not have any special patterns in reviewing. For example, do 2 reviews a week, and 4 reviews a week. Also, do not review all items exactly after 5 days, or do not do exactly the day between your reviews.
It is best to do 2 or 3 reviews a day and then have no reviews for a week. Do this without having a special pattern.
Try not to make the text of your reviews look the same. Never copy part of someone else's review for yourself. Please write the review yourself from the beginning.
Review some of your regular purchases from Amazon (not all). Always have a few unpacked purchases at different intervals. Of course, apart from the fact that you do not have to review all your purchases, not all of your reviews should be 5 stars. So try to have reviews with lower stars. If you make regular purchases that you are not satisfied with, be sure to review them with 1, 2 or 3 stars so that the balance of your Amazon profile is not damaged. You can also purchase discounted or sometimes free products on the CodeCoupons @CodesCoupons channel to maintain a balance of reviewed and unused products. Some products are offered on the Reviewers channel with a 4-star review, rating or feedback. Many of these items may not be your priority, but if you do not make a lot of regular purchases from Amazon yourself, be sure to buy these items.

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