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10/26/2021 9:11:22PM

How to view and share Amazon profiles



In the amazon website, move the mouse to the top right of the page on Account & Lists and select Your Account from the menu. Then select the third option Your Amazon profile

from the Ordering and shopping preferences section.

In the application, select the fifth option Your Account from the menu. Then select the first Profile option from the Personalized content section. If this is your first time logging in to your profile, Amazon will ask you to enter your public name. You can choose any name for yourself and your public profile name does not have to be the same as your real name or your Amazon account name. You can change your public name and other profile at any time by logging in to your profile and selecting Edit your profile.

You can take a screenshot of this page and send it to the seller. Some sellers may ask you for a profile link for some products. To post a profile link on the website, go to your profile and copy the URL in your browser. A profile address in the browser is as follows: View Profile

You can send the same link to the seller, but it is better to delete the question mark and everything after the question mark and send the remaining address to the seller. The above address is optimized as follows:

As a general rule, any link on Amazon, such as products, profiles, reviews, etc., if you want to Share thighs (even with your friends), delete everything after the question mark in the link. Because this part of the link contains your user information and Amazon can understand that you have provided this link to others.

Avoid sharing any Amazon links with others or even sellers as much as possible. Try to visit your Amazon profile only when necessary. Amazon will notify you of the live review via email, so you do not need to check your profile several times a day.
Remember to behave like a normal user. You never checked your Amazon profile before you started reviewing with our channel! If you were asked to take a screenshot of your previous reviews, you can find previous reviews at the bottom of your Amazon profile.


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