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10/26/2021 9:42:29PM

How it work

A collection of review channels helps you buy your favorite product more easily and also helps product manufacturers know your valuable feedback on their new products. If you follow all the following steps correctly, all the money for the purchased goods will be returned to your account and the goods will expire for you.

What do you need:
1- Amazon account
2- PayPal account
3. And of course live in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, or major European countries

What are the steps:
1. You select the product you want from the reviews channel of your country and inform the @ReviewerAdmin admin. 📑
2- After coordinating with the admin, you will buy the desired product from the Amazon website. 📦
3- Five to ten days after you receive the product, you will share your opinion about the product on Amazon. 🌟
4- After the Amazon website publishes your opinion, the payment amount will be returned to your PayPal account. 💵

Just as easily 🍻🎉🎊

This does not pose any risk to you:
If you do not like the product or if you encounter any problems at any stage, you can return it to Amazon within 30 days after receiving the product and get your money back. You usually get your money back from the seller 2 weeks after buying the goods so there is no risk left for you.
You can not return the goods to Amazon after receiving the money from the seller and receive the money from Amazon. Violated accounts are blacklisted and will never be able to receive any other goods. ⛔️

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